Founder and Co-director

Rhine Bernardino


Rhine grew up in the Philippines where she studied Political Science, ending up with a Bachelors Degree in Film and Audio Visual Communication at the University of the Philippines (Diliman). She is the first and currently the only Filipino artist with an MA Fine Art degree (Sculpture) from the Royal College of Art, for which she was awarded the highly-regarded AbraajRCA Innovation Scholarship. She received a Distinction for her MA dissertation on exploring possibilities of contemporary art practice in the rural context and communities vis-a-visurban practices.

Rhine has exhibited her artwork internationally, lived in several countries, and worked with different types of communities, wherein she learned not just to put value in togetherness but also to place utmost importance in passion strengthened with compassion and generosity.

The collaborative approach to Rhine’s craft is based on her belief that art is a catalyst for social change, as it is an essential element in community engagement and communal interaction. Believing that this potential can only be maximised if they become more accessible to people, she further extends her work as an artist with a curatorial practice through _inventory.  The core is to put strong emphasis in working collaboratively with artists and communities, promoting the idea that art should be non-exclusive, educational, sustainable and expand not just ways of problem solving but also ways of thinking critically and looking beyond traditional solutions. 

Co-director and Curator

Linda Rocco

Linda is a London-based Contemporary Art Curator, historian and researcher with a background in contemporary dance. Graduated from a two-year MA at the Royal College of Art, her interests spread across the presentation, mediation and preservation of live and ephemeral practices; the sociology of the artist in today’s hyperconnected societies and audiences’ dynamics within institutional contexts. With an intensive background in working for and with people, her practice focuses on bringing bodies together to enjoy, reflect, and proactively experience present times. Perceiving curating as taking care, her attention lies on subjects more than objects.

Constantly looking for inspiring interdisciplinary adventures, she critically challenges static operational modes of reception and perception of Art with collaborative and multilayered approaches. She is the Founder curator of LOST SENSES, a one-month programme at Guest Projects (Yinka Shonibare Studio) in August 2017 (


Jeth Reyes

Jeth sees herself as a social worker. She is constantly moving, exploring and learning about various cultures, customs and ways of living. She lives and works with communities but also values utmost importance in solitude, silence and contemplation. To her, passion can only have a meaningful impact if it is accompanied and strengthened with compassion.


Giulia Brescianini


Freelance photographer Giulia, from Italy, moved to London in 2011 as part of a new challenge that she set for herself. 

Photography fascinated Giulia from a very early age and this brought her to start playing with her father’s camera, trying to understand what lies beyond the reality that surrounded her. Everything was photo-worthy and interesting at that time. 

After experimenting on subjects for more than a decade, Giulia has started to shift her attention on the feelings these subjects generate inside her. The aim is to describe what moves her, as a photographer and individual, through the process of exploring and quiet contemplation.


Nick Pervez


The muscle. The mule. The man who loves the jobs you hate. Nick’s role lies beneath the artistic surface where grease and sweat turn the mighty cogs of _inventory.

After nursing his laboured hands, Nick spends the majority of his time electronically processing acoustic sounds and instruments, creating things some people might hopefully one day call music.